Kentucky Psychiatric and Mental Health Services, PLLC

High Quality Mental Health Care provided by highly skilled and specialized professionals
Professionals who respect and share Christian values

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Are you a Christian looking for help? Feeling overwhelmed? Unable to fall asleep? Can’t turn your mind off? Having mood swings or anxious thoughts? Unable to focus? In a ‘dark place’ and unable to pull yourself out?

Been diagnosed with OCD, Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, PTSD, ADHD… or JUST WONDERING if you might be struggling with a medical or psychological issue?

Is your own son or daughter in need of professional help? Another family member or friend?

Sometimes Christians hesitate to seek expert professional help because they fear that a psychiatrist or psychologist will not respect Christian beliefs.

Others seek help from their primary care doctor only to realize that their doctor is unable to spend more than 5 minutes listening to their problem.

Even persons who are able to get an appointment with a psychiatrist are often disappointed when their psychiatrist seems to do little more than write a prescription and rush them out of the room.

Perhaps we can help.

At Kentucky Psychiatric and Mental Health Services, we help people who are going through a hard time get back to feeling normal again.
Get to Know the Doctors & Therapists

Our Board Certified medical doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality professional care while working within a framework that does not conflict with the Christian Worldview.

We help Christians to better understand the source(s) their struggles – whether psychological, spiritual, or medical/chemical – and take advantage of modern medical treatments to relieve suffering in a way that respects Christian values, honors Christian beliefs, and glorifies God.


Additionally, we seek to provide the highest level of premium mental health care available in the area by limiting our patient case-load, being 100% available to our patients at all times, and having the flexibility to spend as much time with our patients as they want.

We offer services to children, adolescents, and adults.

If you know someone who is struggling or you are struggling yourself, don’t hesitate to get help. Give us a call at 502-339-2442 or send us an email at:
We also utilize technology similar to Skype to deliver services to persons
living in rural areas of Kentucky (to a client’s home computer).
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