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Welcome to Kentucky Psychiatric and Mental Health Services

We are an organization, based in Louisville, KY, dedicated to providing high-quality psychiatric services throughout the State of Kentucky, with expertise in serving the Christian community.


Are you a Christian looking for help? Feeling overwhelmed? Unable to fall asleep? Can’t turn your mind off? Having mood swings or anxious thoughts? Unable to focus? In a ‘dark place’ and unable to pull yourself out?

Been diagnosed with OCD, Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, PTSD, ADHD… or JUST WONDERING if you might be struggling with a medical or psychological issue?

Is your own son or daughter in need of professional help? Another family member or friend?

Sometimes Christians hesitate to seek expert professional help because they fear that a psychiatrist will not respect Christian beliefs.

Others seek help from their primary care doctor only to realize that their doctor is unable to spend more than 5 minutes listening to their problem. Even persons who are able to get an appointment with a psychiatrist are often disappointed when their psychiatrist seems to do little more than write a prescription and rush them out of the room.

Perhaps we can help.

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Drs Kevin Chapman, Kristi Briscoe, Brian Briscoe, and Alphonso Nichols

At Kentucky Psychiatric and Mental Health Services, we help people who are going through a hard time get back to feeling normal again.

Our Board Certified medical doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality professional care while working within a framework that does not conflict with the Christian Worldview.

We help Christians to better understand the source(s) their struggles – whether psychological, spiritual, or medical/chemical – and take advantage of modern medical treatments to relieve suffering in a way that  respects Christian values, honors Christian beliefs, and glorifies God.

Additionally, we seek to provide the highest level of premium mental health care available in the area by limiting our patient case-load, being 100% available to our patients at all times, and having the flexibility to spend as much time with our patients as they want.

We offer services to children, adolescents, and adults.

Our primary office is located in Louisville, KY behind the Summit Shopping Center (now called ‘The Paddock’).   We also utilize technology similar to Skype to deliver services to persons living in rural areas of Kentucky (to a client’s home computer).




If you know someone who is struggling or you are struggling yourself, don’t hesitate to get help.

Give us a call at 502-339-2442 or send us an email at: info.kpmhs@gmail.com

We have helped hundreds of people out of deep emotional pain toward better emotional and spiritual health.

Patient Testimonies:

 The following are excerpts from anonymous reviews gathered from several doctor rating sites on the internet:


Dr. Briscoe:

Sep 3rd, 2013

Excellent Physician

I would recommend Dr. Briscoe to a friend or loved one without hesitation. Dr. Briscoe treated me for about 7 years and I improved a great deal under his care. He has a great depth of knowledge in psychiatry and medicine, and demonstrated genuine interest in my well-being by listening to me, whatever my concerns or questions might be, and I obviously felt that I was in good hands, or I might have chosen to see someone else. I moved about a year ago; if I had not, Dr. Briscoe would remain my psychiatrist for as long as I could see him.


Nov 20th, 2012

Fantastic Doctor!

Dr. Briscoe is an amazing M.D! He has help me not only with issues I was diagnosed with but he also had helped me find out other ways that I can control certain issues! He is for sure a doctor that I will visit for awhile!


April 27, 2012


Dr. Briscoe is a blessing to the Louisville community. I have seen several doctors over several years, and none have come close to Dr. Briscoe’s level of expertise and concern for his patients.


April 27, 2012


I greatly appreciate Dr. Briscoe’s expertise and his compassion. Dr. Briscoe stays up on all the latest medical studies and drug side effects. Furthermore, he is very compassionate, asks great questions, and is a good listener.


Apr 22, 2012


I have been a patient of Dr. Briscoe’s for 5 months. He is extremely professional, without being disconnected. His patients are cared for in a way that you know you are not just a name on a chart sheet. He has proven to be excellent in diagnosing my condition, and managing my medication. I could not be happier with the care I have received from Dr. Briscoe.



Mar 22, 2012


Dr, Briscoe desired to ease my pain and to help me get back to a healthy mental state. Though prescription meds were required he used them as vessels of mercy rather than the end all cure.



Jan 30, 2012


Dr. Briscoe is more than just a competent and intelligent physician; he is someone with whom I trust to explain my fears and life challenges. After undergoing a severe bout with depression about six months ago, I feel like a different person after working with him. He is a great listener, always remembers what we discussed in previous appointments, and institutes realistic goals within my treatment plan. His treatment is Christ-centered and I believe this is important when treating the patient holistically. He does not see medication as the only means to improving his patients’ wellness.


Oct 25, 2011


Would recommend to friend or family member without hesitation. Have seen Dr. Briscoe for several years and had best results out of psychiatrists I have seen. Personable and easy to talk to but also knowledgeable and professional. I have felt the most comfortable with him out of the doctors I have seen.



Sep 1, 2011

Dr. Briscoe is genuine and thorough in his practice. He made me feel comfortable and it was easy to be open and honest with him. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to my friends and family.



Aug 22, 2011

Very caring and compassionate.Really took he time to understand my problems and listen to me.



Aug 8, 2011

Dr. Briscoe is a wonderful christian psychiatrist in Louisville, KY who truly cares about his patients. He takes time to listen and understand whats going on. When I first moved here I was able to see him ASAP instead of being put on a waiting list which tends to be common for psychiatrists. I have already recommended him to others without a single hesitation.



Aug 1, 2011


Dr. Briscoe is a fine doctor who cares about me as his patient. When I needed help and his appointments were full, he got me in right away. He listened and was understanding and supportive. He was available to me whenever I needed to talk to him or see him. Due to his treatment I am doing well now, after suffering a severe bout of depression. I appreciate his Christian approach to his counseling and treatment.



May 26, 2011


I was having some trouble with depression and went to see Dr. Briscoe. I have seen several psychiatrists in the past and was not happy with these other doctors. I was referred by a friend who had heard Dr. Briscoe was a Christian hoping that I might have a better experience – and I did. Dr. Briscoe was kind, caring, and really took time to understand my problems. And he really knows his stuff. I was quite impressed by his level of competency and the way he practices medicine. I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking a good psychiatrist – and to those who are seeking a psychiatrist who shares a Christian worldview. The only downside is that he doesn’t accept medical insurance in his private practice. I’ve heard that a lot of psychiatrists are not accepting insurance also because insurance companies are a real hassle. Dr. Briscoe’s fees are still pretty affordable though. He is worth every penny in my book.


Dr. Nichols:

January 15, 2014

 Mom and behavioral health professional

I don’t know where our family would be without Dr. Nichols. He gives us such sound recommendations and is so relatable. He really likes to puzzle out the issues of our (somewhat) complicated child, and then present us with options for treatment. We have followed him to several practices and locations and would not consider another psychiatrist for our child. I have recommended him in both my professional and personal capacity.

November 5th, 2013

 Mother of Patient

Dr. Nichols gives great advice and cares deepy about his patients. I find him very helpful in any concerns that I may have.

March 10th, 2014

 Excellent Physician and Patient Care

My son, 9 yrs, [Conditions omitted for confidentiality] has been seeing Dr. Nichols for a couple of years now and we couldn’t be happier with him. He is extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, and kind. My son looks forward to his visits and I feel grateful to have found him. Our discussions are candid and comfortable. On more than one occasion I’ve had to contact Dr. Nichols outside of our normal visits, and in every instance, he has made himself quickly available and has been fully engaged. There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Nichols cares for my son and my family as a whole. I recommend him wholeheartedly.


Dr. Chapman:

July 5th,  2012

“With Dr. Chapman’s guidance, knowledge, patience and his well thought out program, I can state that I would recommend Dr. Chapman and his CBT program to anyone suffering from any types of anxiety, depression, panic, and/or OCD symptoms. I have partaken in therapy treatments such as Psychiatry, various medication regiments, and even hypnosis, none of which found to be as successful as the CBT treatment provided by Dr. L. Kevin Chapman. My life feels renewed and I owe it all to Dr. Chapman!”


July 2012


“Dr. Chapman was very professional and very explanatory about the program from the very start. Throughout the 12 week program, he was available to me even outside of normal office via phone and even iPhone applications. After 2-3 weeks, Dr. Chapman, my wife, and I, all saw extensive improvement in my behavior and anxiety levels. In weeks 2-6 my panic attacks were down to one panic attack from what began as almost 3-5 per day before my initial visit. From weeks 6-12, I had ZERO panic/anxiety attacks!”


November, 2014


“ I am so thankful for Dr. Chapman’s instruction—Chapman-style, CBT still helps me on a daily basis.”



For more patient reviews, go to: http://www.patientfusion.com/review/dc8d8aaf-fb93-42cd-aa18-6988b54c78a6#patientReviews


Note:  KPMHS also houses several speciality clinics, including specialty clinics for ADHD and OCD and Anxiety.  For information on the speciality clinics, see our affiliated website(s): www.adhdkentucky.com ,  www.drkevinchapman.com


A professional relationship is not established between a KPMHS provider and a patient/client until completion of an initial evaluation. You will not be considered a patient/client of Kentucky Psychiatric and Mental Health Services, PLLC or its associated provider(s) until you have completed an evaluation during the first official appointment.
Some of the providers listed on this webpage rent space from KPMHS. These providers' practices are independent of KPMHS. KPMHS does not share legal responsibility for the care of these providers' patients/clients.